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The Team

Arjan Schutte
Keenly focused on the unbanked and underbanked, Arjan is also an investor, serving as Managing Partner at Core Innovation Capital, a venture fund targeting financial services for the unbanked and underbanked in the US.

Brett King
Arguably, one of the leading thinkers on banking innovation today. His Bank 2.0 blog is a must-read for industry innovators.

Core Banking Blog
Innovation invariably boil down to the core, which is what our friend George Colwell explores in this blog.

The blog of the financial technology outsourcing arm of Infosys.
The irreverent blog from Cornerstone Advisers, a consultancy. We love any blog that has as one of its tenants: “no boring generalities.”

JP Nichols
JP is an executive at US Bank, and is one of the most forward-thinking bankers in the nation with a true passion for discerning the industry’s future.

Oscar Sanderson
Oscar is a Senior Marketing Consultant with Welcome Real-time, responsible for providing consulting expertise on marketing and loyalty strategies.

Strategically Speaking
The blog from ProfitStars, the fast-growing banking services provider. The blog offers a range of opinions and insights on a broad — and we mean broad — scope of banking trends and challenges.

A fine banking tech blog from Europe.


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