Visa Sets Goal of Usage by Third of All Europeans

shutterstock_85727542As part of its announcement that the Nationwide Building Society, the largest building society in the United Kingdom, will offer the digital, Visa revealed that it intends to have a third of all Europeans using by 2020.

Mariano Dima, chief marketing officer for Visa Europe, said in a statement today that yesterday’s Nationwide announcement “was another major step towards our goal of seeing a third of European consumers using by Visa in 2020.”

Visa claims that banks representing 80% of UK customers are signed on to provide to their constituents. will launch in Spain, France, Poland and Ireland this year, too.

Here’s how Dima summed it up:

As other markets are added to this list, we’re sure the demand for the by Visa service will only increase, and that we will soon wonder how the industry ever functioned without it.

Bold words.

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