Shake, Rattle & Bank: Swedbank’s New Mobile Bank Sparks 20 Million ‘Shakes’

February 12, 2013

Shake that thang.

Swedbank, one of the largest banks in Sweden, is finding its mobile banking customers like to shake their smartphones. A few months ago, Swedbank reintroduced its mobile banking platform, and as part of that, included “shake-able” features. For example, if the consumer is looking at the app’s home page, she can shake the phone to see her current balance. Shake it again and the balance goes away.

See the demo video below.

The bank touts that its mobile app generated 20 million shakes in three months. Clearly, Swedbank customers like to shake the app.

We haven’t seen any banking application that makes use of the shake function, let alone in such an innovative way. In fact, if we were Swedbank, we wouldn’t call it mobile banking; we’d call it Shake & Bank. (OK, it seemed funnier before we wrote it.)

Swedbank has 7.8 million retail customers and 600,000 corporate customers.

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