Sign of the Times

January 18, 2013


This Capital One branch, located in midtown Manhattan, has, as you can see, a Starbucks sign hanging in the window. The Starbucks is actually directly adjacent to the bank, and a customer can walk directly between them through a glass door. But it raises the question, could co-branding like this, much like the in-store branch, be a sign of the future?

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One Response to Sign of the Times

  1. Jeffry Pilcher | The Financial Brand on January 22, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    It’s been tried a few times.

    Reliant Bank experimented with Maui Wowi Coffee & Smoothies:

    UNCB had “Gold Cafés”:

    Acru currently has the Copper Coin Coffee Co.:

    It’s not co-branding, but ING Direct is about the only one to experience any kind of real success with the café model:

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