Chase ‘Active’ Mobile Accounts Up +50% YOY to 12.4M

January 16, 2013

shutterstock_13109101The number of “active” mobile banking accounts at JPMorgan Chase & Co. climbed more than 50.7% last year to 12.4 million, the bank reported today.

However, the growth rate of mobile banking accounts seems to have slowed at Chase in the fourth quarter. The company booked a 6.8% growth rate quarter-over-quarter in 4Q.

Meanwhile, online banking account growth has slowed to a relative standstill at Chase. Year-over-year, active online customers increased 4.6% to 31.1 million. Quarter-over-quarter, Chase only grew online accounts by 1.1%. As a point of reference, total YOY consumer banking revenue at Chase increased 10.4% to $12.4 billion, although month-over-month retail revenue fell 2.8%.

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