Something Funky at TD Banknorth

December 26, 2012

shutterstock_103066046Something is, er, not right at TD Banknorth, which is now called TD Bank.

A Gawker post about an employee fired for flatulence produced a  comment from a former TD Banknorth employee, who reported an even more, uh, odious circumstance:

I used to work for TDBanknorth in operations as a supervisor. I didn’t have any real powers, I was just there so the higher ups can have someone to blame if shit went wrong.

My coworker was able to get her nephew a job in our dept. Usually nepotism isn’t allowed, but somehow she was able to get the hire approved. Her nephew was this 19 year old punk kid who though work was an opportunity to hang out and fool around.

The when my shift first starts first couple of hours is spent in a small 40×40 room with 10 other people sorting checks. BO can get funky sometimes. But usually nothing too severe. Usually someone not issuing enough deodorant, or something along those lines.

Well, this kid thought it was funny to pass gas. The first few times we though it we an accident. But eventually we realized it was on purpose when he would smile after doing the deed. This happened on a daily basis.

As the supervisor, everyone looked at me to do something. But, what could I really do? I can’t fire the kid, all I could do was complain through the chain of command.

Eventually they fired him. I can only imagine the next time he was interviewed. “So why were you let go from your last job?”

We aren’t going to try to answer that question.

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  1. william on February 25, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    do u still work for td bank?

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