Navy FCU and Ratemizer Among Most Downloaded Apps

November 30, 2012

Two new apps joined the Top 20 Most Downloaded Apps this week: Navy Federal Credit Union and Ratemizer.

The Navy Federal Credit Union app, which bears the tagline “Banking made beautiful on your iPhone and iPod Touch,” was updated in early November for the new, taller iPhone, and “prettied up” for its re-release. High ratings in the App seem to indicate the update is a hit.

Ratemizer is a new app (released Nov. 13) for calculating your mobile phone bill. It received a warm writeup in The New York Times‘s Bits blog. Customers log into their mobile accounts and Ratemizer gets to work analyzing usage patterns and — possibly — recommending a new plan.

Here are the Top 20 Finance Apps for the iPhone this week. Numbers in parentheses indicate movement over the most recent rankings. Asterisks indicate apps that were not in the Top 20 as of the last counting:

1. PayPal (0)
2. Bank of America (0)
3. Chase Mobile (0)
4. Wells Fargo Mobile (+1)
5. Capital One Mobile (-1)
6. American Express (+1)
7. (-1)
8. Navy Federal Credit Union (*)
9. Ratemizer (*)
10. Citi Mobile (0)
11. Credit Karma (+2)
12. Discover Mobile (-1)
13. USAA Mobile (-1)
14. Fidelity Investments (+4)
15. US Bank (+1)
16. Yahoo! Finance (-2)
17. Pageonce (-8)
18. PNC Mobile (*)
19. State Farm (*)
20. Barclaycard (-1)

Also new to the Top 20 are PNC Mobile and State Farm. Both of these perennially popular apps are never far from the Top 20. Pageonce suffered a drop from No. 9 to No. 17, and Fidelity Investments climbed four spots to No. 14. The top of the rankings remained stable.

Greatest Jump in Ranking: Navy Federal Credit Union

Largest Decline in Ranking: Pageonce

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